Why choose us?

Urology Partners are developing a healthy portfolio of trials in the field of prostate cancer. Strong links exist now between our Department and those of University College London, in addition to the University of Surrey. Central to this work is developing improved techniques for diagnosing and excluding prostate cancer, as well as a method of treating prostate cancer focally using ultrasound waves.

Focal therapy for prostate cancer is a relatively new concept and between 2007-2010 Basingstoke participated in a trial studying the focal destruction of cancerous areas within the prostate using high-intensity focused ultrasound. The results where recently published in Lancet Oncology and caused a major stir as well as great interest from patients and clinicians around the world.
The study demonstrated effective rates of cancer destruction as well as a low likelihood of side effects.
We have recently opened to recruitment in two new and important National studies. One is looking at the role of MRI in diagnosing prostate cancer (PROMIS) and the other (INDEX), is looking further at the role of focal therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Focal therapy has the potential benefits of reducing the likelihood of impotence and incontinence with acceptable rates of cancer destruction.

Given the positive results to date we have decided to offer our expertise and experience privately to those men concerned about the possibility of cancer as well as others already with a diagnosis of cancer wishing to have close surveillance or focal targeted destruction.